A Makeup Week Details


Note: If you have missed two or more classes, and have not made up one, you can do one of those during makeup week (March 21st through 23rd.)
Depending how the RSVPs are going, it is occasionally possible to accommodate a few families for two classes during makeup week. You may contact me on March 20th (after the March 19th RSVP deadline) and ask me if there is any available space in any of the other makeup classes.

In an effort to balance the make up classes and not have overcrowding make sure you RSVP!
**Note: sometimes the make up classes are a little larger than normal – but always fun.

  No Walk-Ins Please!

Your Class Day and Time

Your Last Class

Your Makeup Options

Wednesday 9:45 and 10:45 am 

March 14th

March 21st at 9:45 AM

Thursday 9:45 and 10:45 am

March 15th

March 22nd at 9:45 AM

Thursday 4:00 and 5:00 pm

March 15th

March 22nd at 5:00 PM**

**There is only one Thursday PM class offered, as there are usually not enough families for two. I apologize if this
  not convenient for the 4:00 families. Please know that you are free to RSVP for a morning. Please let me know if
  4:00 is the ONLY time that you are able to attend. Thank you

Friday 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00 am

March 16th

March 23rd at 10:00
* Will open up an 11:00 if necessary



- RSVP NO later than Monday, March 19th. I cannot guarantee I can accommodate you, if you RSVP after that date.

- Make up week begins Wednesday, March 21st.  See the table above for your Last Class and your Makeup Day.

- If none of the make ups work for you, please let me know so I can take you into account and open up another class (if I have enough families!)
I want to accommodate everyone as best as I can!

- Make up week is for families who have missed one or more classes but still have one to make up.  Feel free to ask me to check your attendance if you are not sure.

- Please plan on attending ONLY ONE makeup class during the make up week, unless you have had many absences beyond your control. I will let you come to two if I can do so without overcrowding. Again, just contact me after the March 19th deadline and I will let you know if I can accommodate you in a second makeup class during makeup week.

- I need RSVP's for EVERYONE who is planning on attending one of the make up week classes.  Email me or tell me in class, which class you are planning on attending and how many children you are bringing. Please - no unregistered siblings during makeup week classes!

IMPORTANT: Once you have given me your RSVP, you will only hear back if I need to reschedule you due to overcrowding or the class is under enrolled.

Hope that is all clear for you, and I will look for your email (or in class) RSVP soon.