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Sing With B Gift Certificates 


Looking for a clutter-free gift for a birthday or holiday?  A gift certificate for a Sing With B Music Together® class is the perfect present for your son, daughter, or grandchild.  The entire family (including grandparents--they're always welcome!) will share nine weeks of musical bonding. 

Gift Certificates are available in denominations of  $25, $50, $75, $100  or FULL tuition towards a semester of Music Together.

****You will receive an email confirmation upon completion of your payment.  Within 24 hours, you will receive a subsequent email with a printable certificate and payment code. 

Gift Certificate One Returning Child Full Semester   One Semester Tuition for One Returning Child more...
$ 175.00

  Gift Certificate more...
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$ 25.00

  This is a $160 gift certificate for Sing With B Music which will cover the cost of a whole semester of Music Together classes for a NEW family for one child who is lmore than ten months old at the start of a new semester. more...
$ 160.00