Fall Semester 2018

We follow the North Kingstown school calendar for the main vacation weeks, but we are open on election days, Good Friday, Veteran's Day, the Jewish Holidays, parent teacher conference days, etc. If you are not able to come at any time to due to observance of a holiday or having other children at home or you just don’t feel comfortable driving in bad weather, please let me know and feel free to come to an alternate class that week or take an additional makeup during another week. It is also fine to bring older siblings along if we are open, but your town’s schools are closed.
We are closed February 21st, 22nd and 23rd for Winter break. Even though NK is OPEN, we are closed (as many of the school districts are on vacation that week.) North Kingtown chose to just close for the Friday and Monday of Presidents weekend, Feb. 16th and 19th.

The Winter Session ends the week of March 5th, with Makeup Classes to follow.

Priority Registration for Spring begins in late February

The Spring Session begins on March 28th